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The Best Business Apps for your Android Device

October 2, 2013GUEST BLOGGER1 Comment

If you’re in the business field and own a device which comes pre-loaded with an Android OS version, there is a wide variety of business apps targeted specifically at your needs. Today we will see which ones are the best for your Android device.

Best Business Apps for Android Device


Evernote is a free business app and our first pick for this post. If you need to take lots of notes at work, this application is sure to make note-taking very easy and pleasant to do. Evernote is pre-installed with many features that help you do some of the following: jot down audio notes on your phone, take regular notes, keep images for later use, clip pages from the Internet and so on. After you are done with each of these activities, you can have them shared between various other Android-running gadgets.


CloudOn is perfect if you like to work with Microsoft Office. This business app also comes free of charge and you can use it on a touch interface, too.


HootSuite is an app which works best for people who use various social media to interact with their teammates or partners in their company or around the world. You don’t have to pay for it and it supports platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and many more. Managing corporate social media account is also a possibility with the HootSuite business app.

Google Now

Google Now has all the answers you need if you don’t know what route to take when going somewhere, where to order certain food for lunch and so on. You can download the Google Now for free and start using it right away.


If you want an app that can easily take care of one or all of your business trips, you can use TripIt. Which is another business app that doesn’t cost a thing. This app is there for you when you want to book a flight, book a hotel room, reserve a car and so on. If you want to let your coworker know where you’re headed to, the TripIt does it all for you.


In case you wish to have an app which makes sure you aren’t disconnected from the Internet in the middle of an important business conference, FoxFi is the right choice. This free tool lets you use the World Wide Web even when your surroundings lack Wi-Fi. And you won’t need to root your gadget or have a tether plan to use it.


Expensify makes sure you are always able to take great care of reports, snap receipt pics, log your expenses and so on. All for free.

HP ePrint

HP ePrint is the sort of business app which enables you to easily print a certain document that’s on your Android device. Again, for free. The HP ePrint lets you connect to the Internet through Wi-Fi and then send your document to a printer; one of your coworkers will then pick it up and that’s that.


LastPass is a great free solution so that you can manage the many passwords you use. This app helps you get secure passwords and it also keeps very good track of the ones you already use.

For more business apps, our friends over at DroidGator have various other options you can look through.

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  1. Shaun Hoobler
    October 10, 2013

    I use Evernote. It’s a real must-have app.

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