Ads Management

We’ll manage your Google Ads (Adword), Facebook Advertising, Instagram Campaigns and Quora Ads. It’s important that you identify your business goals and key performance indicator before you actually run your paid campaigns so that you don’t drain your whole marketing budget in the testing phase.

Google Ads gives you the flexibility to reach and convert your targeted audience based on keywords, geographical locations, preferred hours (time scheduling), age-groups, gender, household income and preferred device types. You can promote your website, e-commerce products,  mobile app on Google search engine and their partnered websites. You can also generate direct calls to your business phone number via Google Search.

You can pause and run your campaign anytime with no minimum budget required with Google Ads.

Facebook Ads is the best way to reach the maximum audience with minimum budget. You can expect Facebook to be 20x cheaper when you have to create awareness about your brand, business or product. Facebook Ads Manager is an excellent platform for generating leads from your business based on your targeted audience. You can target Facebook users based on their Geographical location, Age, Gender, pages they follow on Facebook or had liked already, basically you can target based on interest and behaviour. You can also target all the Facebook people those who had liked your competitor’s official Facebook page.

Instagram Campaigns are run via Facebook Ads Manager (because Facebook owns WhatsApp) and shares similar advertising features and characteristics. It’ll be cheaper than Google Ads. You can run your Facebook Ad Campaign on Instagram by default (you have to uncheck the Instagram advertising option for Facebook Only Ads).

Instagram and Facebook Ads also provide Calling Ads so that interested people can directly call your business.

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