Solved: “Your PC Ran Into a Problem and Needs To Restart” In Windows 8

Hey do you like using Windows 8 and it’s making a problem “Your Pc Ran into a Problem and Needs to restart”? So today I am going to show you all how to fix that problem.

What is Windows 8?

Windows 8 is a new version of Windows Operating System. An Operating System (OS) produced by Microsoft for use on Personal Computers, Tablets, Home-Theater Pc’s etc. The Development of Windows 8 was started before the Release of Windows 7. The existence of Windows 8 was first announced on Consumer Electronic Show (CES) on 2011. And it was Generally Released on October 26, 2012. Windows 8 Carries a Great Improvement in user interface.

blue screen erorr

What’s the Cause of this Problem?

This problem is caused because of several mistakes done by users like deleting some of the files from System32 Folder OR Installation Problems.

How to Solve this Blue Screen Problem?

To fix this there are two methods let us check them out.

Method 1:

1. Go to Start menu > All Apps > Search for Command Prompt.

2. Run command prompt as an Administrator.


 solved pc problem window 8

If the Problem is not fixed then try the other method

Method 2:

1. Go to Computer Properties

2. Advance system properties.

 solved window 8 problem

3. Click on Advance Tab.

4. Click on Start up and Recovery “Settings”

Now you all can see a portion of dialogue box saying “System Failure”

5.  Uncheck “Automatically Restart”

6. In “Write Debugging information” Select “Complete Memory Dump” from the drop down menu.

7. And Click on Apply and Ok It may say you all to restart.

8. Restart your Pc.

9. You are done.

I hope these above tricks are helpful for you and you’ll not get “Your Pc Ran into a Problem and Needs to restart” error message again. Don’t forget to share your experience and how you overcome this problem.


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27 Responses to "Solved: “Your PC Ran Into a Problem and Needs To Restart” In Windows 8"

  1. Ramesh Kore says:

    Thanks for your information man
    You are a life saver.

  2. tom says:

    Hi akash, I am getting that error message but my computer restarts and never makes it to the desktop. It just gets stuck on sceen after windows repair. So I can’t make the changes you are talking about. What should.i do?

  3. Akash Navi says:

    Hi Tom,
    You are suffering with this problem maybe because some of your files from system32 folder may be attacked by virus or may have corrupted. Try to reinstalling your PC :P

    • Samane says:

      hi i wanna 2 know how to restart win8 when it s hanging.
      i know that when i pull power key for a while my notebook run to shut down forcely. i need some thing like this!!!??

  4. gord says:

    hi i have had same problem other day, trouble is it keeps displaying it and doing it again ad again, how do i take control of coputer? it wont let me access on screen any tools?? helpppppppppp its an aspire one 725 laptop/netbook thanks

    • Hello Gord,

      Window 8 is quiet heavy and needs lots of system resources to run properly. Laptop/Netbook runs on battery and to save power they compromise with performance. If you’re using a netbook then I will suggest you using windows 7 starter otherwise upgrade your hardware or reinstall windows 8 again.

  5. gord says:

    whole keyboard is unresponsive cant access tools or start menu :-( how can i make factory reset if keyboard is unresponsive ? no disk drive either???

    apparently u press f10 and alt when acer logo appears at boot, however its not responding at all and continuing system repair loop :-(

  6. James says:

    I have the same problem. Can’t get to start to Safe Mode.
    All I can do is get to boot menu. I downloaded Windows 8 directly from Microsoft so how do I get Installation Media to do the repair?

  7. James says:

    Himanshu, I’ve been running W8 since October with no issues until now.

    i was able to dig up my product key so I’ll try to boot from USB.


  8. Rohil says:

    Need your help.
    i have been using windows 8 on my laptop since the developer preview days and recently uprgaded to 8.1and have been using the system for more than 2 weeks now.
    But since yesterday i am getting this error and an unable boot into the system. It keeps restarting. I even tried to boot using usb but the same error message pops up and restarts.
    Could you plz help ?
    Thanks :)

  9. Vara Mahesh says:


    I tried your given method the problem ….and it worked ….

    thanks for your suggestion ….

  10. Adalberto Rodrigues says:

    This suggestion worked fine for me. Thanks a lot…

  11. vikram says:

    pls tell me agar m 2nd method use karuu to kya mere pc m jo installed software h wo uninstalled ho jayenge ya work karte rahenge

  12. Aaditya says:

    thax man…..u r god for me……

  13. Damon Harris says:

    Hi Its not the method to solve the problem.

  14. jassani says:

    After the error, screen is black. How to restart?

    Using lenovo Z580 laptop.

    On saturday, same thing happened but the laptop started the next day.

    Now again today (monday), same error and black screen.

  15. justin jacob says:

    I think all blue screen error will not solve using this method there are a lot of reason for blue screen include hardware issue software mismatch antivirus error and disk errors ,i think if you select this option system may hang and get blue screen ,in my recomendation need to analyze the mini dump file created during BSOD using any software i am using bluescreenview a free GUI to analyze the dump

  16. ranjit pandey says:

    My computer is setup by new cd n in the processing of formet…we could’nt find any driver….display at dialogue box….wht is the problem..plz help me n .ugent suggest me….
    Or how to recover missing drive from laptop

  17. Uzaib says:

    Hey , My Pc also is affected with the same problem.
    It says : Your Pc Ran Into a problem and needs to restart.
    you can search for unexpected_kernel_mode_trap online later.

    I tried all the methods that are provided on net but all in vain. It is still running with the same problem.

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