Google Adsense PIN and Address Verification Process in Minutes

I got approved for Google Adsense and started earning few bucks. After earning $10 they alerted me with a red message in my Google Adsense dashboard that says my earnings are on hold and I have to verify my residential address via a personal unique PIN (pin send by Google to me in a letter) before I can withdraw my earnings.

Problem: Google Adsense mailed me all the 3 letters (having my Google Adsense PIN) but I received none. Even after waiting for 4 months after the release of 1st PIN I didn’t received any of the PIN.

After 6 months of sending 1st pin Google Adsense temporarily disabled displaying ads on my blog and asked me to wait for at least 4 weeks to receive the latest PIN they had send to me.

So, I was wondering – Did something just went wrong? I’m  going to lose my 1 month Google Adsense earnings? Or I am just going to end up on hold forever? Of course Not! *Read the post carefully* to resolve the issue in a few minutes.

More about the Issue: The red color alert message that you may see in your Google Adsense account dashboard after earning $10 is “Your payments are currently on hold. Action is required to release payment. More details.” Or ultimately after 6 months (from the day when first verification Google Adsense PIN was sent) “Your pages are displaying blank ad units because you haven’t yet verified your PIN and/or phone number. See the Payment History page for more details.”

These all messages appears because you haven’t verified your Google Adsense account or somehow you failed to verify your address with Adsense.

Another type of message that you may see is – “your payments are currently on hold because you have not verified your address. click here to verify your address once you have received your pin in the mail.”.

Google Adsense PIN Verification

Google Adsense PIN Verification Process – Tutorial

Address Verification Using Google Adsense PIN

As soon as you’ll reach $10 amount, request Google to send you your the verification letters (PIN for address verification). After 4 weeks of release of first PIN you can request for a new pin. If you’re lucky you may receive Adsense letter (Same PIN is mailed all the three time so no need to worry whichever letter you receives first).

But if you’re one of the guy who didn’t actually received any mail or PIN then you can switch to second option that is better.

Google Adsense Address Verification FAQ:

Google Adsense: Address Verification without using PIN

You may surprise to know – Those PIN’s for which you are waiting for many months aren’t necessary or mandatory for address verification process. You can also choose following methods if you don’t want to get into the pain of waiting PIN’s.

My Story: I got approved for Adsense. 6th month passed and I found that I didn’t received the second PIN and decided to request last remaining 3rd pin but unfortunately before requesting it I got message alert in my Google Adsense account dashboard “Your pages are displaying blank ad units because you haven’t yet verified your PIN and/or phone number. See the Payment History page for more details.”

I didn’t understand the message at that time because my site was perfectly showing Adsense ads therefore I requested the last 3rd PIN but next day all the pain comes, I found my site was not displaying any ads.

I Googled and luckily found some details at Google forum and saved by the alternative and quick method.

To verify your address with google adsense you have to send them your address id proof, it may be anything that is recognizable and provided to you by your Govt. I provided them my Driving License and within 4-5 hours everything was fixed and ads started to appear with no red alert/message in my Google Adsense account. Go to following links and submit details.

Verify Address:

Verify Phone Number (After uploading documents):

You’ll also get an acknowledgement message.

After providing a clear snap of my driving license to them, they removed all the red alerts from my Adsense account and everything is now fine. I can now withdraw my money and do not have to worry about PIN verification.

They really did the job very well and it took just 4-5 hours. That’s awesome, I received the following mail from Google Adsense:



Thank you for sending your proof of identity.

I’m happy to let you know that this fulfills the address verification requirement for AdSense. You no longer need to enter a PIN.


The Google AdSense Team


I hope you’ll also get all your above issues sorted out. I hope you’ll be soon free from Google Adsense PIN and address verification process. Wish you Success!

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